The simplest way to run Shape Up

Shaped is the super-lightweight software development tracker designed for product teams running the Shape Up process.

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It's the super-lightweight way to track your product build

If you are running, or planning on starting using the Shape Up software development process, Shaped is the perfect place to start.

It's designed from the ground-up to manage your prokects, including writing Pitches, assigning Appetites, running Betting Table meetings, assigning teams and tracking scopes and progress with Hill Charts.

Build faster

Everything you need to run Shape Up

Capture product features & ideas

Start off by logging your ideas for future features and improvements in the Raw Ideas section.

Turn ideas collaboratively into structured Pitches

Once you've decided an idea is worth persuing, create a Pitch that lays out the objective, outlines a solution and determines the Appetite.

Run a Betting Table meeting

Bring all the proposed Pitches to a Betting Table to decide collaboratively which work will be prioritised.

Assign projects to teams for the next cycle

Assign projects to your development teams for the next cycle.

Break down projects into scopes

Development teams can break down project into scopes to better understand the work required.

Track progress with Hill Charts

Track work visually by mapping the progress of each scope on a Hill Chart.

Frequently asked questions

What is Shape Up?
Shape Up is a lightweight product development process created by the team at Basecamp. The key principles of Shape Up state that small development teams work in regular cycles (typically 6 weeks), work is 'shaped' before being handed to the team, teams are responsbile for their work, and finally, at each stage risks are targetted to make a successful delivery as likely as possible.
Why is Shape Up better than Scrum or Kanban?
Scrum, Kanban and other agile (and waterfall) development processes are often used in established companies to build software. Shape Up, however, focuses on building and delivering what matters now, which is critical for startups trying to find Product/Market fit before running out of money.
Why not just use Basecamp to track projects?
If you're already using Basecamp in your business, that's really not a bad idea. Basecamp is an excellent project management system. However, for smaller product development teams, Basecamp can be over-featured and expensive. Shaped is designed from the ground-up to be an affordable tool for teams running the Shape Up process.

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