Ship meaningful work consistently

Shaped is the super-lightweight project management tool designed for startups and small software development teams.

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Screenshot of Shaped app.

Build faster


Old way

Before Shaped


New way

With Shaped

Fake roadmaps

Unrealistic roadmaps planned for the next 12 months and quarterly objectives that don't survive the first week.

Simple project management

Shaped's simple, adaptable roadmaps help you focus on whats happening now, next and later.


Up-front sprint planning with painful guessing exercises that never uncover the true work to be done.

Fixed time, variable scope

Instead of committing to specific features, Shaped helps you deliver value within the alloted time.


Nobody knows what the plan is or what the teams are working on, resulting in delays and building the wrong things.

Focus and clarity

Everyone can see at a glance where teams are today, and what's being planned for the next cycle.

It's the super-lightweight way to track your product build

You know how hard it is trying to implement traditional development processes when building new tech products as a small or early-stage team?

Well, instead of trying to get your team to use overly complex processes and tools such as Scrum and Jira, Shaped is a super-lightweight planning and tracking tool for development teams that need to move quickly.

Shaped features

Perfect for the Shape Up product development process

Shaped is designed to run the Shape Up development process, but doesn't demand that you use Shape Up.

Plan your upcoming work

Simple Now → Next → Later roadmaps that are easy to manage and easy to communicate to your team.

Deliver outcomes, not outputs

Create easy one-pagers for your development teams that give them all the information they need to deliver the successful outcome.

Track tasks and issue progress

Simple task tracking, with hill charts to visulise and communicate progress.

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Coming soon! Sign up to get early access.